Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dream Day (D-Day)

When you are tired of watching life pass you by.

Today is December 1st and I didn’t even realize it until my I read one of my friend’s Instagram memes.

Even though, I did not step one toe in to any store or do any cyber Monday shopping, funds were still looking a little funny. Rent due, electric, water, and so on and on. Not to mention, in 29 more days I will celebrate another year to do and be something great. “Holy smokes! What the heck did I do this year!” played on repeat in my mind. You see, I am what they call a dreamer. Yes, I am one of those people that get many great ideas that will make me, my family, and all my friends rich. There is just one thing that has always 
stood in my way…ACTION! ..sigh

Today is the day that I make the 1st step. Today is the day that I truly believe in myself and stomp out fear, procrastination, and excuses. I have made up in my mind that today is D- Day which I call Dream Day so I can live my dream life. To be able to succeed I definitely have to have a success plan. Six days a week I will work on something toward my dream. Today would be writing this blog and posting it!! I emphasize posting it because I have done this before but just seemed to never get to the posting part, tisk tisk, but that’s all in the past and I will not dwell there. My eyes are on the prize and I will continue to look forward. Ok, back to the plan. Blogging, but I don’t know how many to do a week yet, three Instagram post a week. I need to set up my Facebook account, and one YouTube post a week. EEK, this is so freaking scary but I do not care. This is the day that I set my mind to achieve my dream and later, I will smile as I look back at December 1st, my D- Day.

To all my dreamers and procrastinators.


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